Link of the Prezi of the speech of Leonardo Romei

At this link you can find the Prezi of the speech given by Leonardo Romei at XY Lab


Using EEG data for a poster design

Having our sketch running in Processing we could easily export the data we were visualizing and use it as an input for other applications (such as visualizations, physical computing etc.)

As a way of making our work public within the lab we created some posters using the Processing output in Illustrator. In the process we stumbled upon an interesting Moiré effect that gave the sensors graphs a watercolor-like effect.


IMG_1202 IMG_1205 IMG_1207

Visualizing the output

Once we had the library working with Processing, we needed to visualize four variables for each sensor:

  • The position on the scalp
  • The quality of the signal

(functions alraedy present in the EPOC control panel)

  • The strength of the signal
  • The change of strength over time

Working with Giulia Marzin we visualized each sensor with a polar graph that shows the strength of the signal using lines and a color indicator for its quality.